Automations Stopped Being Triggered (11 March 2021)

Hi since this morning I my automations have stopped triggering. I have created a new one and switched the old ones on and off and I have also rebooted the hub. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

Users are currently reporting issues with the smart lighting app so I would not be surprised if it is somehow connected to that issue. Do report your issue to ST support.

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Yes I have, I think it is a backend issue I set up a test automation and its triggered only twice out of dozens of transactions that should have triggered it.

did anyone experience power outage yesterday?
i have that “smart” meter and they disconnected power for about minute.
after everything came back online some routines,scenes imported to new app no longer work.
so i logged in to ide and checked ping is unusually high:
Ping Hub](
The hub responded 585579.915 seconds ago, on Thu Mar 04 21:46:06 UTC 2021

see the date march 4th?

I’ve had a number of Automations done directly in the ST app that do not appear to be firing. It started a while back though (not sure how long but days at least).

yes all my automations are created in the APP, and they last fired correctly was yesterday ( they are used each day). Today one has randomly fired its defo not working properly.

So I havent had any response from ST support but I have found the issue. My automation that control devices have a customised delay and it was set to 2 seconds. It appears that ST have done something that means that if you set it to 2 seconds its disables the routine. (the reason that I have this function is im automating a push button to short a control contact. ) Changing the delay to 3 seconds has fixed the issue.