Multicolor LED Floor Lamps

I’m looking for one of the ubiquitous vertical LED lights that you can program to one of 16 million colors and/or dim. I’m in the US. There are many products available that works with Alex and/or Google. Is anyone aware of a product that is compatible with ST either directly or indirectly other than IFTTT?

  1. Anything that works with the Hue hub should be able to be brought into smartthings that way, so that should give you several options. These come in several formats, including post floor lamps.

Other possibilities would include

  1. LIFX beams

  1. Tuya. Tuya makes a bunch of “gaming bars“ which can be placed vertically and are sold under different brand names. And some vertical post LEDs. But you may only be able to control them as scenes from smartthings. Hopefully someone who has some will post. Make sure you are looking at Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth.

Here’s just a few examples:

April update!

  1. Govee has just released a matter over Wi-Fi model which should meet your requirements and work with SmartThings without custom code, although I don’t know if it meets your budget. I posted more details below in post #10, but here’s the Amazon link. Many Govee models do not support matter, so read product descriptions carefully.


Thanks- I hadn’t considered HUE, although I’m really looking for a ST local solution, which I know effectively limits my choices.

As long as you have a Smartthings/Aeotec hub, There are local integrations with Hue, for what that’s worth. Usually the main objection to hue is the cost.

I can’t remember: does LIFX have a local integration now, or not? I know there was talk of one at one point, but I don’t know if anybody carried through with it. :thinking:

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Maybe I’ll consider it, but yes Hue is pricey- but if Z wave goes away, then Maybe I’ll upgrade to Hue and replace my zwave lighting controls.

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Any familiarity with this one: BASRAE Modern LED Floor Lamp for Living Room Bedroom,Smart RGB Soft Standing Light with Lampshade,60 inches Tall Corner Floor Lights - APP Voice Control/Music Sync/Alexa Google Assistant -

Never heard of it, it has no reviews, and the entire brand has less than a dozen reviews across all models. I’d wait on that one until at least there’s some review history. :thinking:

How about this one: Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp, LED Corner Lamp Works with Alexa, Smart Modern Floor Lamp with Music Sync and 16 Million DIY Colors, Color Changing Standing Floor Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Black - The reviews say ST, but I don’t see it in the specs.

I didn’t see anything in the reviews. I did see one line in the product description, but I think that’s just a mistake. As far as I know, as of the date of this posting, there is no available Govee integration with SmartThings. If Govee releases matter support, then that would be an option, but it’s not here yet. :thinking:

Finally: The newest Govee floor lamp model (what I call a “spike lamp“ although I don’t know if anybody else does) supports Matter over WiFi, so it should work out of the box with SmartThings:

UK link:

This is a different, newer model than the one you previously linked to. :tada:

Shane Whatley, Who does excellent HomeKit and matter videos, has an in-depth unboxing review with all the details. Note that the lamp does come with a button remote as well. You’ll only be able to use that to control the lamp, not anything else, but it’s still a nice option to have.

As always, some of the fanciest features will only be available through the Govee app, but of course the great thing about matter is that you have access to the device from multiple platforms at the same time.

On the day of this posting, there’s even a discount coupon on the Amazon page.

(Also be aware that Govee also just released a new “pro version“ that has an included speaker, but does not have matter support, so that one will not work with SmartThings. Shane covers both the new models in his video.)

So this looks like what you were hoping for, although I don’t know if the cost fits your budget. :thinking:

Thanks for flagging this for me! Now I’ve got a hard choice, even though are a bit pricey. Buy the Matter (not working so well with home kit now) version now, or buy the pro, which is not much more (see discounts below) and wait for Matter. Do you think Matter will get rolled out later on this one as he stated in the video? Here are links and discounts (hard to find pro on Amazon otherwise):

Use Code: SHANE50OFF for $50 OFF the Floor Lamp Pro! Floor Lamp Pro Model Amazon: Govee Website: Floor Lamp 2 Model Amazon: Govee Website:

As Shane notes in his video, he has been having problems with matter over Wi-Fi with multiple devices, not just this one. It sounds like it ‘s something in his setup, as no one else has reported those problems that I’ve seen. (He specifically mentions that he suspects his Wi-Fi router.)

For example, Adam’s Tech Blog is a different HomeKit and Matter video blog, and he had didn’t have the same problems. Here’s his video showing his Matter experience with Apple Home with this floor lamp in detail:

He ran into the usual Matter limitations (no adaptive lighting, scene limitations), but those are true of all matter devices at this time.

So I think if your concern is using this device with both Apple Home and SmartThings via Matter, check out Adam‘s video and it should be reassuring. :sunglasses:

Remember also that the pro model that you linked to in your most recent post is the one with the speaker and that one does NOT have matter support at this time. And no other direct SmartThings integration. So while it’s a nice lamp, it’s not going to work with either SmartThings or Apple home right now.

The model which does work with matter is the “floor lamp 2.” So consequently, it works with both SmartThings and Apple home. That’s the one that’s covered in Adam’s video that I linked to in this post and both models are covered in Shane‘s video that I linked to previously.

(Also, at the time of this posting, there is a discount code on the Amazon Product page which ends up being equal to Shane‘s discount code for the manufacturer’s site. )

So from what I understand for Apple Home (and assume the same thing holds true for ST), I could get the Lamp 2 with Matter that allows on/off, dimming and some color change, but not much else for roughly $140. Or I could do Pro for about $160 which has the speaker a bit more height/lights and a future potential for Matter. With scene control, which seems like it would be really good here, there isn’t much else ST could do with the Matter version. Scenes here, along with the new scene change driver would be really awesome, but it seems we are not there yet…

Certainly, you can get the pro, but you will only be able to use it directly with the Govee app. Not with SmartThings, not with Apple home.

If it eventually gets matter, then it will do exactly the same things that the model 2 does now. You will not get scenes outside of the Govee app, and you will not get speaker support outside of the Govee app, as neither of these are included in matter.

So your choice. If you like the Govee pro, it has a lot of very cool features, but you will not have SmartThings integrations with it except what you can cobble together through Alexa as an intermediary. And you will not have Apple Home integrations with it unless you use Homebridge or Homey Pro or something like that.

Up to you. Choice is good. :sunglasses: