Multi System Music Integration?!?! (Group Sonos and Samsung soundbar together?)

Hi all,

Not really related to smart things but I thought I’d ask.

I’m trying to link a Sonos system to a Samsung sound system. The sonos is the arc and one speakers. The samsung is all a sound bar and surround speakers. Both intergrated fully into smart things.

What is like to do is play the same music across all the devices as a group?

I’m thinking a dnla cast server like bubble upnp.

Any ideas?

I would guess this is not possible. I don’t know, but guess is they both use different protocols (proprietary) to stream to each device and keep sound in sync. Even if you could get something to stream to both of them, I wonder if it would stay in sync. These are just guesses.

Yeah as Brent said, sync probably not possible youl end up with a horrible echo even if it started in sync