Multi sensor vs Open/Close Sensor vs Motion Sensor

(Ravi Bhatia) #1

I am torn between these 3 sensors and not sure which way to go to monitor my 3 doors and 16 windows on the main level. Out of the 16 windows 9 can be opened and the rest are fixed. If I attach my layout, would that help?

Sorry if this question has been asked before; first time here. Please be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s the use case?

Are you concerned about detecting an intruder?
Being reminded if a window is opened in case of rain?

The device match will depend in part on the exact reason for the detection alert.

(Ravi Bhatia) #3

Good question and yes i should have mentioned the use also earlier.

The uses:

  1. Intruder alert
  2. temperature monitoring (Nest will also be on the same level)
  3. lights monitoring and action depending on the time of the day and who is downstairs at what time
  4. garage door monitoring and open/close (will be paired with a evolve relay)
  5. door lock monitoring and lock/unlock

If I attach a floor plan, will that help?

Thanks JDRoberts

(Tim Slagle) #4

Depends what you want out of your devices. I am one of those If it can do it why not…

I have sensors on all windows so I can control my thermostat with them, detect for intrusion, temperature, etc.

I have motion sensors for automation. Lights, intrusion, etc.

I’d say start with a little of both (Multi and motion snesors) and then go from there, you’ll quickly find you have use cases that dind’t exist until you saw what STs can do for you;)

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Thanks Tim!! :smiley:

If you were in my case, would you have sensors on all windows or just the ones that open/close?

(Tim Slagle) #6

yep :slight_smile:

couple motions for the rest

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

Just a note: There’s currently a sale on open/close (i.e., Contact Sensors) that are fully ZigBee and SmartThings compatible (Best Buy “PEQ” – $19.99). These include a temperature sensor, but not “activity / motion / tilt” like the SmartSense Multi.

I guess “activity” sensing might be good for detecting door knocking and perhaps even attempts to break a window, but for most cases the SmartSense Multi is over-featured and thus a little expensive and battery hungry.

The BestBuy PEQ Motion sensors are the same ones as SmartThings too. Not trying to undercut our the ST shop, but it’s good to save a few bucks when there is a sale.

Start here:

(Ravi Bhatia) #8

Thank you everyone for the tips.

@tgauchat, thanks for the BB link for PEQ sensors. Worth a check.