Aeon Labs recessed door sensors on steel doors?

(Louis Johnston) #1

Hello, has anyone been able to install the Aeon Labs recessed door sensors in a steel door? I understand how this can work on wooden doors, but I was wonder if it would work on a steel door.

Thanks for any information.


It probably won’t work unless you use plastic barrier boxes on both sides, the steel magnetizes over time and confuses the sensor. And you need to put the piece with the antenna so it’s not buried inside metal or the signal can’t get through.

(Louis Johnston) #3

Thank you for the replies. I will stick to the little boxes that is taped to the door. Unfortunately this is the one door in our house that does not have curtains so the box will clearly seen. Will have to try to figure out a way to disguise it.

(Micheal ) #4

Is the door steel all the way through or just steel covering a foam core? I installed one in a steel framed (foam core) door this weekend…outside of having to get a heavy duty drill bit, it works fine, allowing me to remove the square boxes to another location (i.e. Window).

I would test this by externally putting the sensor next to the metal door and on the opposite side of where your hub is. Then toggle it with the magnet to see if the signal gets through. If it is a foam door and you are close to other Zwave devices, I would say go for it.

As for magnetizing over time, I will have to watch that…I could see this happening over time as you are moving metal through a magnetic field…it makes sense that it could eventually magnetize. Worst case is that I have enough upper space I could swap the magnet and the sensor, putting the sensor in the wood frame…I already got scolded for drilling into these surfaces, but the magnet does hide the sins nicely.