Smartthings multi sensor

Would like to use one of these sensors to monitor a bilco door. Being a big piece of steel, I am assuming that the contact sensor will not work. The magnet side would eventually magnetize the door, and probably cause havoc. Looking to see if the original device handler is available so I can flip the open and close states. Found one that was posted but it did not work at all, plus I lost some of the attributes like Activity and coordinates. Does Samsung publish their original device handlers?


You can use it if you put a shield between the contact sensor and the door.

See the below thread for this exact discussion

You could use something like this

attached to the contacts on a monoprice or zwave sensor that has them. See this picture example

If you used two in series with the 1 monoprice you would get a notificiation any either door was open. just make a tab at the top middle of bottom middle of the doors to install them into.