Multi DeviceType Configurable Code Sample Not Available?

I see in the devices section the new SmartSense Multi (configurable) devicetype is available but the code example isn’t in the library…

Plus there are some bugs that are clearly in it… Battery level and position don’t show up in Android.

Also, the back button in the thing details doesn’t take you back to the list of things it brings you back to dashboard…

BUGS… Wish someone actually tested this before release. Or start calling us Android users as we are, unpaid beta testers.

@pstuart It could have been pushed into the ecosystem prior to it being ready. I suspect that they will pull or resolve the issues.

SmartSense Multi (configurable) is actually an older relic of beta testing temperature offsets. The new release using the temperature offsets correctly and tested will be in the SmartSense Multi code. The new code will be deployed on our next production push, which are typically on Thursdays.