Moving your device from SmartThings Classic?

@blake.arnold, It is a bit awkward, as I have tested one DH with the combined one and there wasn’t any graph, just the first one.

My Smart Weather Tile stayed on the previous UX display, so that is working still with separate graph. But I don’t know why it hasn’t changed. Original reports came from users with that Device.

I will have a look on the Aeotec 5 multisensor DH, how the logging happens. I have realized before that the single graphs require units to be logged together with the value, and then it displays the graph and not just only the last value.

Look at this topic for reference:

Regarding the DH refreshing, that would be great. We could dig more into our DH development with the current Vids.

I think something updated regarding to combined temp/humidity graph. Mine are working now and weren’t previously.

@blake.arnold, as @prjct92eh2 wrote, then it might have been fixed already. :+1:

Thanks so much, Blake

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My temp/humidity on my Iris sensor looks ok. I don’t like how the percent sign drops down to another line, though.

Another vote for how to do this. I have no idea what it happening. I have two devices with same DTH, each showing different info and population some of the info differently. Knowing that DTH has refreshed at least eliminates one problem point.

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@blake.arnold Any progress?

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