Moving to WiFi Mesh Model Hub?

My understanding is when upgrading a SmartThings hub there is no transfer option like upgrading a Phillips hub?

I have a 2nd generation hub and just setup the wifi portion of the 2nd generation Mesh system which I understand is like a 3rd generation hub without local support.

Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router Range Extender SmartThings Hub Functionality Whole-Home WiFi Coverage - Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cloud to Cloud Protocols - White (3 Pack)

My main reason for the SmartThings Mesh is there is a long delay in SmartThings actions due to network interference.

So to complete this upgrade I would need to individually exclude every device and then add it to the Mesh network?

The mesh is Wi-Fi only; there is NO mesh incorporated for the Z-Wave / Zigbee radios. It also does not relay/repeat a Z-Wave / Zigbee [unless the spec has changed] signal via the Wi-Fi mesh. If you currently have Z-Wave / Zigbee signal strength issues, you will continue to have them. If you are experiencing Wi-Fi interference with Zigbee devices, change your Wi-Fi channel; Z-Wave is not affected by this at all. You can also change Zigbee channel by calling support that do it on their end, but this should be a last resort.


SmartThings WiFi does support local control. And each access points does act as a repeater. It doesn’t extend z-wave or zigbee over wifi/LAN, so each AP needs to be withing z-wave and zigbee distance of each other like any other z-wave or zigbee repeating device.

And there is currently no migration tool. Reset everything and start over from scratch.


I stand corrected. SmartThings Wi-Fi with 22.51 and higher firmware DO act as Z-Wave / Zigbee repeaters.


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They act as Zwave or zigbee repeaters, but in the same way that any other repeating device in the same location would. They don’t get any extra range because of the Wi-Fi.

So having the sub hub in that location might free up some other repeater device like a pocket socket so you could move it elsewhere in the house. But if you can’t reach the location that the sub hub is in with zigbee or Z wave, you won’t get any more range just because a subhub is there, even if it is connected to the Wi-Fi mesh. You still have to be able to trace a conventional zwave message route from the primary hub to the sub hub.

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So I’ve migrated and everything is mostly set up again. The migration was easier than I thought it would be. It now takes ~ 10 seconds to turn on everything vs the 1 minute from before.

The Mesh System also has a lot of people saying it doesn’t support ethernet backhaul. After setting it up on Wireless Backhaul the Plume App correctly identified when I plugged the 3 devices into the Ethernet Backhaul and converted it just fine. They act as AP in bridge mode now all with Ethernet Backhaul.


Where is this indicated, please?

I just wrote on the Topic about this, and I see no helpful, unambiguous indication…