Moving my Z Wave Wall Switches/Dimmers from Homeseer to SmartThings?

  1. I have been unsuccessful in getting ST to recognize my Z Wave wall switches/dimmers.

  2. I have been told that I must remove them from my current HomeSeer Z Wave controller (Aeon Z-Stick).

  3. I am not having any success with the removal.

  4. If I simply turn OFF the computer running HomeSeer, will that free up the Nodes/devices, OR is there some other workaround.

  5. In installing new devices, I suppose it is wise to start with the devices closest to the Hub so that the network mesh can be expanded outwards to more distant devices?

Thank you for any help.

you can exclude them with the SmartThings hub and app. here’s how to do it with the SmartThings Classic app.


Excellent sir.

That did it!

Now I won’t have to mess with HomeSeer.

Thank you very much, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


I have a Homeseer Controller that has failed. Its z-wave was a usb stick. Can I follow the instructions here to move all of my z-wave devices to my SmartThings hub? or can I plug my z-wave stick in to the SmartThings hub and use them or copy them?

Thanks for any help or advice.

The USB ports on the SmartThings hubs are non-functional.