Moving home and taking Aeotec smart hub with me

i’m moving house.

what’s the best procedure i need to follow if moving my hub?

i’m not taking all of the devices visible in the hub with me…only some.

many thanks

If you are going to get a new Wi-Fi router, then everything should be simple. Just pack it up at the old place, get to the new place, set up the new Wi-Fi, set up the hub so it’s using the new Wi-Fi, and then physically deploy all your devices using the usual best practices. you shouldn’t have to change anything about your hub connected devices (Zigbee, Zwave, or thread). wi-Fi devices will have to be changed to the new Wi-Fi network.

A Guide to Wireless Range & Repeaters - #11 by JDRoberts

If instead you are taking your old Wi-Fi router with you, that’s both good and bad. The good is that you don’t have to change the Wi-Fi credentials on anything. The bad is that it may take your Internet provider 4 to 6 weeks to update the physical address associated with your Wi-Fi SSID so your presence in Smartthings may be off until that is updated. This has nothing to do with smartthings, it’s just the way Geopresence works in most countries.

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But other than the presence issue, it should be pretty straightforward. :sunglasses:

One thing to note: since you said, you weren’t taking all the devices with you, if you are leaving behind any means, powered the wave or Zigby devices, it’s possible you won’t have enough repeaters in the new place and you’ll need to get a few extras. But you’ll know that soon enough since devices might be unreachable.


If you are getting a new router you can change the name and password on your new router to match your old router and all your WiFi devices including your phones will automatically connect to the new router.

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thanks for the reply!

does it change things i’ve i’m connecting the hub via ethernet to a new wifi router?

No, it should be the same situation as I described in my first post. Once the hub is connected, all the Zigbee, zwave, and thread devices should be fine as long as the physical layout is similar to the old house. If it’s different you may find some devices are out of range and you might need to add some repeaters or move a few things around to get a strong mesh.

WiFi devices will have to be individually reset to use the new WiFi network.

I’ve just realised i didn’t provide all the information needed for you to help me.

i’m moving out from house A to house B.

both houses are set up as different homes in my smartthings app. (same account, diferent homes).

do i need to delete the hub from house A via my smartthings app, before plugging it in to the router in house B?

  1. delete hub
  2. factory reset hub
  3. plug hub into new router.

something like that?

do i need to reinstall edge drivers if i’m going to be connecting to a different hue bridge?

Same “location” within your SmartThings account, or two different locations, each with one hub?

Two different physical locations, and two seperate locations in the smartthing app.

One has a smart home hub(house A), the other(house b) doesn’t have a hub yet but it will when i move house A’s hub to House B.