Moving from X10 - looking for equivalent Z-Wave / Zigbee devices

(John Crighton) #1

I am moving from X10 and intended to go fully Z-Wave until I found SmartThings earlier this week. I now have the new hub, and I’ve set up a couple of the Z-Wave devices I do have.

I’m replacing my aging X10 infrastructure and wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of an equivalent for some of the things.

Micro modules are pretty much ok, but I’m struggling with:

Bedside alarm clock/control - this is the X10 version:

What it lacked in style, it made up for in functionality. I never used the timing element (easily replicable with the ST hub), but you could operate 8 sets of lights, with dimming from the clock, also turn all lights in the house on/off. This meant I could control both bedside lights and the main bedroom light, as well as the hall lights (much easier to turn those off when in bed!) at the touch of a simple physical switch. It was also handy for telling the time :smile:

The next one - wireless switches. I’m really struggling to find an equivalent of this:

For instance, I have a lamp downstairs which was plugged into an X10 dimmer module. All I had to do was program this (battery operated) switch, slap some sticky foam on the back and put it on the side of the table the lamp was on. Hey presto, an integrated dimming switch for the lamp. I have replaced the bulb in the lamp with a Z-Wave one (Aeon LED) which I can happily operate from my phone. But what if someone else (less tech savvy) wants to turn it on/off? I fear they’re likely to reach down to the plug and pull it out, killing the illusion!

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.