Moving all smart devices to wifi hub

Hello, I’m a rookie here, I just bought the wifi mesh hub, I love it so far, I love the wifi option, my question is how do I move all my smart devices from my router to my smarthings wifi hub, I was able to change all my mobile/laptop devices to my new wifi network, but I want to move my other devices, like Ring cameras and stuff like that, Thanks

If you already have a SmartThings Hub, then I would say leave the devices that’s connected to it there. You still have to connect your WiFi devices to your new Router (WiFi Mesh) but once you update those, then they would still be on your old ST Hub.

If you want to move everything over then you have to start from scratch.

If you’re talking about other wifi devices, and you want to assign them to use your new wifi, then you have to go into their app and change their credentials. It will be different for every device you want to change.