Move/Removing GE Z-Wave Switches

I have to remove 2 dead switches from SmartThings and 1 switch that isn’t dead. I’m also going to be moving a couple switches around. I’ve done this before, but can’t for the life of me, remember how I did it. I remember something about excluding or something…and for some reason couldn’t find instructions on it.

For any you need to remove, current process is start removing the device In the app. It will run you through the correct process of deleting the device and removing /excluding it from your ZWave network.

ANY other process risks creating ZWave ghost devices which while the system now self heals - takes a few days for it to kick in.

If you try to delete one of the fried ones it should guide you through a force removal process. To get it out of your config. If you remove one of the functioning ones is ‘supposed’ to guide you through exclusion. (be near the switch)

If you’re just moving them around the house on the same network don’t bother removing it just rename it and heal your ZWave network after you move the switch