Mounting a smart sense on the ceiling

Does anyone know what the sensing pattern of the ST motion sensor is? I’m looking for a sensor for a small area like a hallway or a bathroom. I’ve thought about mounting it on the ceiling as it appears to be more omnidirectional than most motion sensors. I’d use an enerwave ceiling sensor, but those appear by all accounts to be hit or miss.

@Enitech, I was just just going to try and figure that out as well. The newest version looks like it would have a different pattern than the original. I was considering Evolve’s ceiling mounted PIR detector:

Specs state 360 degree coverage, with a 36 ft range.

Yeah, I hadn’t seen that one before. It appears to be geared towards hotels, I wonder where you would acquire one?

Evolve does focus on the commercial side, but they do have residential devices that work really well. I’ve emailed asking where to buy since I can’t find anything on the web at the moment. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. I like their hidden door sensors as well.

I have my Smartthings Motion sensor mounted to my ceiling in my living room. Works great