Best option for rolling shades?

Hi! Im about to install rolling shades in my parents appartment. I would love to integrate this into ST, my mom dreams to push a button of a “Movie Scene” and see how the shades go down, lights off, TV on etc… Im only missing shades.

WHats the best option? So far Ive found:

  1. Any electric motor and use some module such as the Fibaro Roller Shutter
  2. Somfy Shades
  3. Lutron Serena
  4. Any electric motor RF controlled and use Broadlink RM PRO and integration to ST through RM Bridge

It would be awsome if:

  1. Besides been able to operate them throug ST I could also operate them through a remote control
  2. I can open them partially (open middle etc)

Hope you guys can help.

Best regards,


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I am using fibaro roller shutter. And yes, I have a movie routine…that does all I need…

Hi Sergio, thanks for your reply. Can you open partially your shades with the fibaro?

yes I can open it partially