Motorized Outdoor Shades that cost less than $300?

Can you please recommend a good outdoor shades that can be controlled via SmartThings hub and cost around $300 ?
I prefer a complete kits (motorized shades) that will be installed under a patio ( around 8 feet). battery for 110V .


Depend on the size and model. Maybe check this post out.

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You’re going to have a really hard time finding motorized exterior shades at $300 considering most exterior shades without motorization start around $300.

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Hi Neal does Zebra sell exterior motorized shades? Been looking for a decent alternative that won’t break the budget for a while and haven’t been able to find it. At this point I’m considering only doing 2 exterior blinds and the rest interior. I already had my house wired for them so there is electricity right next to each blind that is hardwired to a switch on the wall.

The only motorized exterior shade we carry is the following:

If you want to integrate it into ST, you would need a ZRTSII as well.

So for example, a 72x72 blind would cost $1143 before discount? Do you know a realistic lowest-cost you could get me? I tried to PM you this message but can’t figure out how. Maybe I can’t because I just signed up.

I also noticed the highest covering is 1%. Do you know if you could offer this in blackout?

1% openness is the lowest available on the motorized exterior shades. For exterior shades we only have one product that is blackout but it is not available with motorization.