Zwave shades that cost less than 300 USD

(CodyClasB) #1

Can you please recommend a good outdoor shades that can be controlled via SmartThings hub and cost around $300 ?

(Dave N) #2

Try looking at cheap regular shades but investing in the fully funded Kickstarter for FlipFlic when they are released.


Battery or mains-powered?

$300 for just adding radio control to existing motorized shades? (If so, make and model of the existing motor?)

Or $300 for a radio -controlled motor for existing shades?

Or $300 total cost per window to go from bare window to ST-compatible radio-controlled motorized shade?

what are the measurements of the window?

And is the motorized portion on the outside of the house, or inside?

If it’s on the outside, what are the weather conditions and does it need to be easily removable for seasonal storage?