Custom delay after motion stops

(Coolcatiger) #1

I have light which turns off after there is no motion.
Is there any way to increase delay time to turn off light after motion is stopped ?

(Chrisb) #2


Did you set the light to turn on when there’s motion through the Dashboard? If so, there’s optional area to turn off and to indicate how many minutes to wait to turn it off.

I suppose this would only turn off the light if it was turned on via motion though. If you physically turned on the light or turned it on via a different method (app/dashboard) it wouldn’t wouldn’t turn it off.

(Acastal) #3

@coolcatiger I took the ST “Turn off lights after no motion” app and removed the line that turns on the light. This way it monitors for motion stopped and has a timer in minutes you can use to turn off the lights x minutes later.