Motion Sensor, scenes and time delays

I have a zigbee LED light string that I set to a specific color and low lever brightness when I turn on at dusk. I use a scene for it. I just bought a motion sensor so that I can set to 100% brightness and white light. The thought is it will light the walkway as people come up to the house and then return to the “normal” setting after a period of time.

To do this I set up another scene that sets the brightness to 100% and changes the color to clear/white. I created an automation that triggers this scene when motion is detected. Works great. However going back to the original scene isn’t so easy. I’d like it to wait some amount of time, say 5 minutes, before returning to the regular dimmed/color scene. In the set up for the automation, the Then clause doesn’t allow for a delay. I noticed I can do this if my Then clause is used for a device but not for running a scene.


What’s the brand and model of the specific devices involved? And how did you set up the automation, through the official smart lights feature or something else? It would help if you could post a screenshot. :sunglasses:

I can’t remember the exact name/brand of the lights. I believe they are Philips Hue. I believe they are operating correctly. The motion sensor is a Zooz ZSE29 V2.0.

I tried to attach the screen shots but was told I can only do one since I am a newbie. Just send one is not going to be helpful. They show the options for creating the Then conditions for a Device versus a Scene. The device lets you set a delay but the Scene does not.

I certainly can use the device settings to achieve what I am trying to do but was hoping I could use the scenes so that I can set it in one place and not have to remember to do it in both places. Am I just being too lazy??? :woozy_face: