Delay Before Next Command in Automation

I have an automation that includes a z-wave light switch and some Philips bulbs. When the automation runs, it turns on the light switch but then changes the brightness of some of the Hue Bulbs that are powered by that switch. I need a delay of about 5-10 seconds to give the Hue bulbs time to connect up to the hub before setting the brightness. Sometimes they miss the command and I end up with a hodgepodge of lights on, off or dimmed at different settings. Usually I will just run the automation a second time to fix it but it would be nice to not have to do that.

You can add to Then actions
Delay this action

or if you are controlling same device you can make two automations and add Delay this action to second automation’s actions

I am triggering a scene so I can’t use the device twice and I can’t use a second routine to trigger when the switch is flipped because it is used for other things.

If you have a hub, use a virtual momentary device as a replacement for your scene.

Tie the actions of your old scene as routines triggered when the virtual momentary button triggers.

You can daisy chain the virtuals in any way you want without the restrictions of scenes. And they run locally.

I put all my virtual scene replacements in a room called Scenes to keep them grouped together.