Best value motion sensor (UK)

Any suggestions?

I’ve tried the Aquara ones but they’re hit and miss. Randomly stop working and won’t work again.

That’s a typical Xioami issue. Lots of discussion in the forum on it, but basically they don’t quite follow the spec because they’re only intended to work with their own gateway. You can help the situation by using IKEA tradfri pocket sockets as your zigbee repeaters and that will probably help. But they can definitely be a pain in the neck.

An alternative is just to use the IKEA Tradfri motion sensors to begin with. Quite inexpensive (£15) when bought directly from IKEA, available in many regions, work fine.

I know @GSzabados has some. :sunglasses:

@ghesp Aqara ones are, as @JDRoberts stated, has their own quirks. You need a good zigbee mesh to reduce the chance of their dropping behavior. It is generally about all Aqara/Xiaomi sensors.
The most important question here, what do you want the motion sensor for? Turning on and off lights? Detecting presence? Triggering an alarm?

I am asking, because most of the motion sensors are battery powered. To preserve battery power most of the companies sacrifice something. IKEA ones has a grace period of 3 minutes. It means if it has been triggered in the following 3 minutes it will not report the motion being stopped and record another motion start. It is hard coded. They are designed to turn on and off lights.
I think the SmartThings/Smartsence ones are security ones with IAS clusters too, so they report immediately when motion started and stopped, but their batteries have to be changed often especially when they are placed at a high traffic place.
There are other nice motion sensors like Fibaro ones, but I have no experience with those.

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I’ve got a Fibaro “eyeball” in the living room and it works great.

It’s just for turning on/off the lights in the hall, cloakroom and kitchen. Not sure what the range on them is though so might need 2 of them

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If it is for lights, then the IKEA ones is a good low budget choice. You just need to know, that it will clear motion 3 minutes after it has stopped.

I use it in a similar scenario, turn off lights in the kitchen if motion stopped and 15 minutes passed after.
And turn on when motion starts.

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I would also recommend the Ikea sensors, but only for lightning. I use a few Xiaomi temperature sensors (round ones) and a few Ikea outlets as repeaters. They work absolutely fine, no drops, and I have a few Ikea sensors set up around the house, in dark spots in order to light up the area when someone walks by. They work fine, but again, as GSzabados said, there is a 3 minute window from when the sensor activates and when it resets to “no motion”, and because of this some scenarios are harder to accomplish. (and the same reason why I wouldn’t recommend them as “security” solution)

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So in webcore I’d have to do something that says

If motion detected, turn on lights and set a timestamp variable.

If no motion detected in 15 minutes, turn lights off.

yeah, that’s pretty much it. I use the default 3 minute window, which is enough for us and the little one. (motion detected - turn light bulb on - no motion - turn light bulb off).

You can use the Smart Lighting SmartApp. No need WebCore for that. Or just use the new automations in the new App.

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if you increase the ‘blind time’ in the settings im upto a year and a 1/2 on same battery (2min)

do ikea have temparture or lux?

Nope. It has only battery and motion.

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How do you do this?

I have the 1 Fibaro sensor and it is great at motion but I cant get it to be lux level dependant. ie Switch on a light when there is motion and its dark.

I had to set a time window to estimate when it is dark instead.


This works great for me

I used to use the Smartthings old motion sensor for my alarm system and I had so many false alerts while on holiday, so I bought a the fibaro eye one and a phillips hue for different rooms and not a single false alert since and they both seem to work as good and also are configured to turn lights on when dark. But the hue one gets a thumbs up because it uses AAA batteries which last forever!!!

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do you need a hub for the hue?

No, just a custom device handler will do. I only have a smartthings hub.

Which DH, I on my phone so find it hard

This is the one that I used:

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