Motion Sensor Inactivity Timeout

I have several motion sensors (Smartthings, Iris, Sylvania) I use with my Smarththings hub and the inactivity timeout on most of them is ~30 seconds (the time from when there is no motion detected to when the devices motion status is changed to inactive).

Does anyone know if there is a way I can change this timeout period on a motion sensor to a lower setting such as 5 seconds?

I’m looking to use the motion sensors for a hunted house and I need the motion sensors to reset fairly quickly as another group of people may enter the room in a short amount of time.

Thank you!

Some Z-Wave ones have a parameter you can adjust for this, otherwise this is why I love Ecolinks. Put the jumper on ‘test’ mode and it’s a permant 4 second latch time.

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Thanks Benji! I actually have one of the Ecolink Motion Sensors, but didn’t know about the test jumper. That might work.

But if anyone knows how to change the timeout period on other motion sensors (in-particular the Smartthings, Iris or Sylvania brand) let me know.

Generally they won’t go lower because it would kill the battery life.

The Fibaro zwave motion sensor is highly configurable. You can set the wake interval to as low as one second, but I would guess you’d see a battery life of about 2 to 3 months with that setting.

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Thanks JD, I just ordered a Fibaro motion sensor, I like the idea of a highly configurable motion sensor. Thanks for the recommendation!

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I was worried about that initially but my non-ZW+ Ecolink Motion Sensors are still going 4.5 years later on the original batteries, permanently set to ‘Test Mode’ since I got them and in a high traffic area.

I’m now wondering when they’re going to do so I have an idea on battery life! I think my newer ZW+ versions will outlast the house itself!

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