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Trying to figure out if I can set the motion state to inactive on an iris motion sensor.

Basically, After the motion sensor detects motion, have it wait 5 seconds then set the device status back to no motion.

Is this an option?

Unlike some other motion sensors such as the Ecolink Z-Wave sensors the Iris motion sensor seems to reset within a minute after motion stops… I know that you can set active/inactive using virtual sensors but with actual sensors you probably need to do something else to trigger the inactive state within the same minute looking at my logs the Iris sensor seems to reset to in-active within a minute after motion stops.

I would be cautious using a refresh command to reset motion 5 seconds after motion since it may kill your batteries pretty quickly.

Is there a specific goal that you are aiming for that 1 minute is too long to wait for a motion event to reset?

Edited to add: One option would be to link an actual motion sensor to a virtual motion sensor and then when the actual motion sensor (Motion Sensor 24) changes to active you can set the virtual motion sensor (Motion Sensor 1) to active() then use an else statement to wait 5 seconds and set the virtual motion sensor to inactive().

Unfortunately you can only set the active()/inactive() on a virtual motion sensor, also it would only reactivate when the real motion sensor reactivates.

​I am not 100% sure. How do I see what device handler I am using?​

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To figure out the device handler you are currently using you can log into the IDE, go to “My Devices” and locate the motion sensor in the list of devices.

Click on the “Display Name” and you’ll see a number of things listed… the device handler is the “Type” Row… in the example below my motion sensor is using the SmartThings Published “SmartSense Motion Sensor” Device Handler.


Here it is:

Name Iris Motion Sensor
Label Motion: Kitchen
Type SmartSense Motion Sensor
Version Published
Zigbee Id 000D6F000E26331B
Device Network Id 5598
Hub Home Hub
Group 1: Kitchen
Last Activity At 2017-11-18 10:04 AM EST
Date Created 2017-10-04 8:31 AM EDT
Last Updated 2017-10-04 7:15 PM EDT
model: 3326-L
manufacturer: CentraLite
endpointId: 01

What’s the purpose?
Even if you do, the sensor will not trigger again until it resets itself to inactive