Motion Sensor Help - No Options

I bought a 3rd party Motion Sensor. It only says “Zigbee Infrared Sensor Remote Control Compatible with for Echo Plus SmartThings Motion Sensor” Smart Things will see it, but labels it as “Thing” and it only says connected. I can’t figure out how to make it do anything. For instance, if I go into Scenes/Automation I can’t select it to do something with it, it doesn’t show.

Anyone have any ideas???

If you don’t know the brand and model number of the sensor, can you show us the link that you bought it from?

Also, look on the back of the case or inside the battery compartment and find the FCC license number.

What we are trying to do is figure out what “device type handler” would be the best match for this device in order to help smartthings communicate with it better.

I’ll have to look at that tonight to see… it’s at home, i’m at work…

I bought it here and this is the link…

Hi Darren,

It look like a tuya pir. You should try to change it in IDE to zigbee motion detector, this should work.