Motion Sensor [GP-U999SJVLBAA] takes several days to work on Alexa

I have Samsung motion sensors and multipurpose sensors. I use a Samsung hub. I have no problems adding the devices to the Samsung hub and then through the Smartthings skill in alexa add them to alexa.
When I set up a routine to be triggered by either of these devices, it takes several days before the trigger event starts the routine. It is as if by magic they just start working one day. My mailbox monitor fired and really made me jump.
Am I forgetting to restart or do something to get the triggers to be visible to Alexa routines? Anyone else seen this problem?
I had the same problem with motion sensors and Samsung hub / Alexa at a friends house, so I know it is not something defective here.

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you never explicitly run Alexa/ Devices/ discover-devices ?