Motion sensor alerts from cameras?

Following up on JDRoberts’ suggestion…So I’m looking for a wireless outdoor cam to use to identify intruders trying to steal packages and set off a chime (not a siren). Something closer to a door bell sound so that they know their presence has been noticed. (I’ve noticed a couple of z-wave chimes on the market). Of course I’m also looking for SmartThings integration, primarily for alerts and triggers.

So the cameras I’m looking at so far seem to have more of a siren (Arlo) than a chime. Is it possible to have an Arlo or Ring (or other wireless outdoor camera) trigger a chime that a would be package thief would hear? I understand that they may integrate with Alexa, so that’s an option, but I’d prefer a chime I can install near the window over moving/dedicating an Alexa for that function.

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There’s a few options available:

Ring cameras & doorbells integrate directly with SmartThings. You can use the motion sensor to trigger a chime (this or this).

If you have any Amazon echo device, you can skip the chimes and have echo make a barking dog sound or even say a specific phrase. Obviously you would have to make sure the echo can be heard from inside.

Hope that helps

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Thank you! The biggest question here is, do the manufacturers like Ring expose their motion sensor events within SmartThings and can those be used to trigger a chime?

It sounds like you’re confirming that Ring does. Any knowledge around Arlo? Have you implemented a similar solution with Ring yourself?

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This is very much ‘it depends’ Even within manufacturers. For instance some cameras within Arlo’s line do this, some do not (mostly the older ones and the very newest ones that haven’t been added to the integration yet) SO you’ll have to ask that question at the DEVICE MODEL level to get to the right answer.

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Well that sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go look at the models I’d prefer and come back and ask, but if you know of models that have this functionality, please do share.

Also, a generic but related question I don’t feel needs it’s own post…Do you find that it’s pretty much impossible to maintain all of your smart home automations in a single system? It seems like for some things I’ll use SmartThings and for others it may be wiser to use my Alexa. Do you find this to be generally true?

Arlo had a list here - but it’s a bit dated, maybe someone has newer info: New SmartThings Schema Integration for Arlo - Announcements - SmartThings Community

As to the other - deserves its own thread, but in short - I try to keep all my automations together, at a single point IF POSSIBLE. Some times that isn’t possible. I have/use a concept of system of authority. Basically, who’s in charge, what’s the BEST way to control that thing. Up until recently most of my stuff was in SmartThings, therefore most of my automations in SmartThings and I was moving the bulk of my automation from WebCore and SmartTlighting to ST Rules API equivalents. What about voice? Well voice routines had to be done in Alexa - no choice (You really think anyone uses Bixby? I know Samsung, you keep trying but stop trying to force Bixby on us in the western countries, you lost to Alexa and Google, K?). What about this other thing that doesn’t work with… (you’ll find a million of them) TRY to keep everything together - sometimes you just can’t. But it helps especially when it comes down to those times when you’re scratching your head asking, “why in the hell did it do THAT?”


It’s possible if that’s your goal, but then you have to limit yourself to the devices that work with that particular platform. So it just comes down to your own needs and preferences.

I started out trying to stick to one platform but then found it just didn’t meet my needs. At this point I have seven or eight different ones, but it doesn’t make any difference because most of them, like the sprinkler system, also work with either Alexa or HomeKit. I really only need to use the other platform app to set up a new device or set up a new schedule.

I recognize there are some people who find it psychologically uncomfortable to have multiple platforms, and if that’s the case, they need to go with a platform that will meet their needs. Matter should help all of this in a year or so. :sunglasses: