Motion / Multisensor in car?

it works. I put motion sensors in cars for the same reason, douchebags plague many neighborhoods around me. It seems systematic and periodic. They got me 3-4 years ago, entered through unlocked passenger door and pushed it closed without latching, to make the least noise. They got a multitool and junk cables but the rest must have looked like trash in the brief time they took. Always lock your doors - duh - good reminder. Now the wife nags every … day. Thanks - too late.

So since then I put ST motion sensor gen2 in passenger door. It mostly works, never lost contact within the 60 feet that I park. It notifies motion if the door moves, or anything moves in view. You could alarm the back separately, or cover everywhere with different, more-obvious placement.of a single sensor.


  1. when I get home in winter, the car interior cools off from 70F, and the sensor sends me 1-2 spurious motion alert at some point in cooldown, at appx 43F last night. In the summer after engine-off, the interior gets to 100F+ and I think in that “cooldown” it also can report a spurious motion, but less often than winter.

  2. when I leave home, usually the last report from the device is “MOTION” so that sensor indicates (old) motion on smartthings app until I get home so it can update again.

  3. in my case the wife messes with the car, I disable alerts for a period around when the front door opens, or another monitored car arrives. That reduces junk alerts.

  4. battery has lasted more than a year. The hub doesn’t care but that it up to how you zone it.

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