Motion Detector Logging

Ive just installed several motion detectors and am concidering turning them into an alarm system. But i cannot seem to figure out how to get a screen that shows a list of all detected movements.
I saw a way to do it through Google sheets, but i would prefer it to be visible in ST or actiontiles. When alarm goes off i ofcourse do not want to go open a google sheets and figure out whats going on. If in ST an alarm goes off i would like to be able to click it and quickly see a log of which detector went off and when. And also if the other detectors detected any movement aswell.

Ideally i would like to click a button in ActionTiles or ST app that opens a screen that shows me a list of all movements detected the last X hours or days.

Anyone has a solution for this?

They have the basic log where you go to things and then click your motion sensor and then click on recently. But I don’t know how to do the action tiles thing or make it easier

The built in SHM (smart home monitor) shows which sensor was activated for an intrusion.

The only thing you would be able to do with ActionTiles is create a shortcut to open a specific file stored somewhere on Google drive for example.

As far as you keeping a history of things are many routes you can go.

  1. You can view the last 7 days events in the IDE by going to Locations / Events. However you can’t extract that and it’s for all your devices and routines

  2. You could use WebCoRE and anytime there is Motion detected it sends you an SMS to the phone with the Device Name and Time Motion was detected.

  3. You could also use IFTTT to write an Applet that when a Motion notification is received on your phone from SmartThings, write this notification to Google sheets and a specific file. You could accomplish this through WebCoRE as well.

  4. You could also send an audio notification to any of your speakers or tablet (LANNouncer) that Motion was detected in xxxx room at time.

Not quite sure what you mean though by turning your motion sensors into a security system.

Anyway that should get you started to begin searching on those solutions.

Only problem with this is that it will show history for ALL devices in SHM. It’s not device specific, kind of like my number 1 above.

To reiterate this. You don’t need SHM to immediately receive an instant notification, SMS, email, etc. on your phone or wherever the SmartThings app is installed to know which Motion Sensor triggered and at what time. You can do this with a Routine or a Piston in WebCoRE.

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘it shows history for all devices’
You can see in my photo only the sensor that was activated shows in history

What I’m trying to say to you is that if you have more than motion sensors in your SHM that are being monitored, open close sensors, locks, etc… They are all going to show in the history together, everything. If he has Notifications or SMS messages setup, he doesn’t even need to open the app to know that motion was detected where and when.

FYI: For your LIFX bulbs (looked at your history) :slight_smile:. If you are interested in using the Scenes you have created in your LIFX application, you can do that with WebCoRE if you aren’t aware of it. This would always set your lights to exactly what brightness and color they are supposed to be by the way you saved them in your LIFX app. There’s a How to under the wiki section :slight_smile:

I have core and webcore installed now.
I need to raise a ticket for the actual issue. When the LIFX lights are set <10%, SmartThings won’t turn them on. The native LIFX app will. As they are set to come on automatic with motion detection, I have to keep them >10%.

If you follow these instructions you don’t need to set your lights with SmartThings. You can set your lights exactly the way you have them defined in scenes directly in your LIFX app which will set the bulb brightness and color for all your bulbs:

Open that thread and take a look. This could solve some of your issues with ST not being able to do it correctly.

I will give it a go. Thanks

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This way after motion stops, you can turn your bulbs completely off instead of keeping them > 10 percent. Then when motion is detected again you have it set a scene from LIFX instead and that works from the lights already being off. Just tested again with the my instructions and it works beautifully!

Here’s a quick sample for ya that you can restore to your WebCoRE with the code

I use the InfluxDB interface someone here created to capture motion events. Grafana is used to visualize the data. I run it all on an AWS instance so I can look at it simply by opening a web page. Grafana let’s you choose any time frame you want so it would be easy to see which motion sensors were activating in say the past 10 minutes. Getting to your Grafana page via a tile shouldn’t be hard.

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