Notification if no motion after X days

All my Bosch motion detectors seem to stop reporting motion after a while but continue to report temperature. Does anyone have a suggestion on an easy way to notify if a motion detector doesn’t send a motion event in a certain length of time? My best thought is to have webCore do a wait after each motion event (say 3 days) and if it reaches the end of the wait send an SMS. Each motion event would cancel the past schedule. This would work fine but I have about 6 I want to monitor and this would be either 6 different pistons or one pretty complex one. Getting kind of fancy would only want to trigger this if the house wasn’t in an away state. I was hoping something like Device Monitor existed that would only check for certain types of events.


Can it send a notice based only on motion events? Based on the summary it doesn’t sound like it. I feel like I had this installed a while ago and don’t remember that as an option, but maybe the updated version does?