Is there ST or Webcore action feed available?

Hi, is it possible to get any kind of action feed from ST or Webcore, or Actiontiles?
I would love to add tablet devices or screens to my home wall where I could see action feed when for example front door was last time opened or closed.
I could think thousands of things that I would like to see from that feed, here’s just a few…

  • when my kids presence sensor entered school or home
  • when washing machine water valve was opened or closed
  • when SMH was disarmed or armed
  • when hub was disconnected for some reason
  • when temperature of living room was more than 26c
  • etc.

I’m using actiontiles so I’m able to see real-time information if door sensor is open or close. I’m using webcore to get sms messages when my kid goes to school area. I’m getting push messages when Hub has power cut. But I’m missing that action feed of things that has happened for the last hour.
Is there anyone who knows if there’s a way to do this? Or is there anyone who is even interested of getting those action feeds? :slight_smile:

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Who knows what the future might bring to ActionTiles (activity or event feeds are an entire category of Feature Requests on our Forum: ActionTiles Forum / AT Support & Ideas …)

But in the meantime, the top vendor is Initial State:

And, more importantly, and entire Topic in this Forum discussing multiple options:

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I have to read more about it to understand what it can do and what it can’t do.

EDIT: I’m not sure if Initial State is way too much for me. It really does collect data of what happened and who did and what but this seems to be too serious stuff for my purpose. I was searching just for something that can report at the same level as Smartthings application reports for example “door has been open for 2minutes”, “doorbell pressed”, “xxx xxx came home”. If that could be gathered for some sort of web page as feed then it could be used almost in any device and browser.
Was there something that ST doesn’t allow to use ST’s own activity feed which can be found from ST application? Only way to see this feed is to open application…
What about Actiontiles. Is there something that collects activity feed to Actiontiles and could be used from there? If I remember right somebody asked this before and it was not possible…
What about webcore. Could it be possible to add “send message” to every piston which could be gathered to somewhere as message feed…

I got lot more these stupid ideas to make this happen. I could mirrorshare one of the mobile devices screen (ST activity feed open) and put it in local networks webpage so that local tablets and computers could use it. Yeah I know…silly… but it would show activity feed like I wanted… :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this question as you gave me a great idea for an enhancement to my HousePanel dashboard app. This may not be for you since you are already using the awesome ActionTiles product, but for others that do use HousePanel this could be really cool All the data needed to create a field that can be exposed on a tile is at my fingertips because all actions such as door openings or presence changes are reported back to my app from the ride along Node app that helps me keep status current. It will be a no brainer to just tally up these events and keep it in a field and then add that field to the list of fields that a tile can show. Only thing one will have to think about is if/when one resets the counter back to zero? Should it be every day at midnight or never? Or maybe offer a reset button? Lots of options. Thanks again for the idea. Not sure how long it will take but it is now in my idea queue.

[EDIT] I forgot to mention, that once the field is available on all tiles that have actions, one can then group the ones you care about onto a single tile using the existing Tile Customizer feature. Thanks again - love the idea.

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That sounds really cool! Like you said if user could choose what information he/she wants to see in action feed then it would be perfect for everyone. Maybe “show x number of action feed lines by default” and maybe somebody would like to use reset button who knows. Personally I think that if I come home from work I would like to see for example latest actions for last hour. If there’s something that happened before then it’s probably not that important for me. So as much as there is users there is different needs :slight_smile:

I have influxdb and a graphana setup. I believe I have seen something exactly like what you are talking about as one of the default panels. I will see what I can come up with for output

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The customization for different users’ preferences is what makes this costly to implement.

ActionTiles currently doesn’t store Events (because storing a large number would get really expensive), but we’re enhancing our architecture to ensure we can accommodate this in some form or another.

But if we implemented a “last hour of Events” report, we would inevitably get folks who would prefer the last 24 hours, and various ways to summarize, sort, and filter the information so as to make it practical to view so many Events.

I guess I should avoid sounding so negative: This type of feature certainly will have value - even in the most minimal form(s), I hope.

I’m jamming on the code for this as we speak, and for what it’s worth, the initial implementation of this in HousePanel will be to add two simple counters of state change for each tile (open/close, on/off, present/absent, active/inactive, etc) plus a date/time field of the last state change, and a reset button in the editor. These three new fields are stored in the options file on the user’s server so there is very little additional memory burden involved in this initial plan. Providing a full history for any amount of time would be significantly harder and as Terry said impose an undue memory storage burden somewhere in the ecosystem. However, I think it will be easy to expand this to make an API call to get the history of events to show on demand when a user clicks on the “last date” field of the tile. Oddly enough when I first wrote HousePanel it was intended to show a map of events by room. Some HP trivia is this is why the “hmoptions.cfg” file is not named “hpoptions.cfg” because the original name of HousePanel was HouseMonitor. Funny how good ideas often come full circle.

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