Motion Detector Battery Levels

I have 4 original ST Motion detectors. One is wired. All four persistently show 100% battery even after weeks of use. I expect this of the wired but not the others. In all other aspects they work fine. The battery levels used to read correctly before the last two Hub updates. I have a v1 hub and use an Android app. Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks, Dan

I have noticed excellent battery life with my ST motion detectors (original model as well). I’m +18 months in and they are reporting 50% battery life. Not surprised your batteries don’t seem to take a hit at all after just a few weeks.

Also I don’t think ST Motion sensors report battery life 100, 99, 98, 97, etc… I think, it reports in increments for e.g. 100, 95, 90, 85 etc. or maybe 100, 90, 80, etc. (not sure what increments are). I believe this feature in itself is to save battery life and not report constantly.

I am not entirely sure on this one but I though I read its somewhere on this forum, cant find the link. Please someone correct me if I am wrong (wouldn’t mind to know the answer myself :wink: )

I suspect you are correct and that the updates have improved battery life. These devices have been in place for over a year and usually lasted about 4 months. These latest batteries are less than 6 weeks.

Thanks for the reply.

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