Most Z-Wave Devices Stopped Responding, Please Help (14 March 2024)

Always good points & advice from @JDRoberts!!!

With some observations/thoughts added inline…

Recall that in my situation, the locks also came back online at times, but were sluggish at best. The Whole House Reboot “did” solve the problem instantly.

Agreed… but I “was” at that point (noting my prior troubleshooting steps)

To that point, I will edit the Step-By-Step to at least power down anything that is under your control, or you feel may be sensitive to power outages, such as computers or appliances with a history of sensitivity or susceptibility to power outages/restorations.

Many major appliances don’t even have an on/off switch (or at least one that people are aware of LOL): you plug them in, they go from a “no power” state to “power”, certainly mimicking a Power Outage or turning a Circuit Breaker Off/On. In my 40 years experience in building homes and working with electricians troubleshooting all kinds of issues, the worst kind of on/off cycle is a “quick” on/off… aka “flicker”. Which is why I recommend a good 2-5 minutes of power off. Give everything a moment to remain in the off/powered-down state before restoring power.

I’ve had to cut power to my own homes and many others over the years, to work on a circuit, install generators, etc. without ever once creating a problem with any electrical device. As well, same for countless power cuts without notice due to storms, line work, etc.

I am personally very comfortable in this approach, but @JDRoberts words of caution should be thought about before taking the Whole-House Reboot steps!

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