iPhones as presence sensor unstable AGAIN

All of a sudden both my wife’s and my iPhone’s show as randomly departing and returning, when we are both present. I’ve checked location settings, removed and reinstalled- still unstable. Anybody else?

My Nexus 6 did this ALL night last night. Had to put my phone on silent from all of the notifications. Did it over 15 times throughout the night.

Last time this happened to me I logged out of the mobile app, restarted the phone and logged back in - and it fixed it. Worth a try.

Thanks- that has not worked for me.

Just keep in mind that this is dependant on your phone’s GPS and as such, presence issues may not be ST’s fault but instead inaccurate GPS data from the phone.

Not sure about iOS but on Android. if it can’t get true GPS lock, it’ll spoof them using something like cell tower info which can be widely inaccurate to your actual position since most of the time it just uses the position of whatever zip code it gets.

This could also be because of your Wifi. Was your WiFi up all night? Anything that can confirm that it was up and running will help you figure if it was caused by that.

I guess that could have been it. Just strange that it did it throughout the entire night.