Monoprice single relay connection issue

So here’s my issue… I’m looking to replace several light fixtures with the Monoprice single relay device. The problem is that several of my lights are wired so that the power comes in to the light itself and then proceeds on to the switch. Here’s what I mean:

When you wire the light like this it seems to “remove” the neutral. Can anybody provide insight? Is there still a way to write the relay in there? TIA

Your relay must be at the light fixture box for your wiring configuration and here’s the link to the manual of the monoprice relay. Hope that will clear up a little.

Thanks, finally wired it up yesterday. In case anybody is curious:

  1. Attach the blue and black wires to the hot wire coming in.
  2. Attach the white wire to the neutral wire coming in (based on the diagram above my neutral was connected to the light).
  3. Connect the Green wire to the hot wire coming back from the switch.
  4. Connect the Red wire to the light screw.
  5. Yellow does nothing.
  6. Turn power back on and connect to your hub.
  7. Press and hold the program button for 4 seconds until you see the red light blink once.