Monoprice 11990 Issues - Solid RED light

All, I have several 11990s working. However, I had an actual switch/wiring go crazy and ruin one of mine. I put another one in, and I hope I did not ruin it as well. I have taken it out and tried it on another pair of switches. However, I just get a solid RED light on the back of the module, and it does not seem to want to do anything. I do hear the relay click when I turn the breaker on, so it seems like something is working.

Has anyone seen this before? I tried the factory reset and exclusion directions, but both don’t seem to do anything. The light just remains solid RED. Thanks.

I was reading somewhere that a loose neutral or bad neutral can do that. But maybe in this thread you can ask. [RELEASE] Monoprice Dual Relay On/Off Device type 11990

Thanks. Tried several things to verify neutral was good. The thing must be partially bad. I ordered a new Vision one (since Monoprice no longer has this one); hopefully that does the trick.