Monoprice rgbw dimmer

So I purchased 8 zwave rgbw dimmers from monoprice. . They seem to be whitelabel Qubino rgbw dimmers . Smartthings recognizes them as rgbw dimmers but the w channel isn’t handled properly as it attempts to make the leds mix to make white instead of lighting the white channel. I tried using the qubino handler that kjamesek made here however the devices arent created correctly as when i manually change them in the api i get a network or server area when click on the device or if i try to re-add the device it comes up as the default rgbw switch. I’m not a programmer per say but based upon what i’m finding i believe it has to do with the fingerprints for the hardware mismatching after looking at the code and looking at the device in the smart things api as like i said i feel its a whitebox version of the qubino. Any idea on what and how to edit the code to make it work correctly would be greatly appreciated. The raw device description from the api reads zw:L type:1101 mfr:0068 prod:0003 model:000B ver:2.13 zwv:4.24 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,5A,73,26,33,70,85,59,25,7A role:05 ff:8600 ui:8600

Hi there. Were you able to the monoprice RGBW dimmers to work

Dunno if anyone has already gotten this working properly (e.g., with any of the Qubino device handlers out there). However, everything else I tried failed in various ways, so I gave up searching and just wrote this:

Just posting it here in case anyone else finds it useful. The generic “RGBW dimmer” device handler (which I used as a starting point) works ok, except: (a) it does not transition to white correctly (esp. over Alexa integration, but even with ST app, it incorrectly changes dim level setting), and (b) does not allow setting how button inputs (IN1-IN4) behave. Those are the main two things I needed to make work; other aspects haven’t been extensively tested, but should work.

**** If you get “device not responding” errors in Alexa after changing device handler, then read on.

FWIW, in my case, the new ST app UI seems to show a “stale” color temperature control in the details page; these seem to have been left over from the original “RGBW dimmer” device handler. However, the Alexa integration does register the new capabilities (specifically, the lack of “Color Temperature”). It did take ST a few hours (!!) to sync this change with Alexa (and until it did, Alexa gave “device not responding” error when asked to switch to white), while I was busy debugging other things. But, since Alexa color changing now works for me (eventually), I didn’t try to delete and re-add the device (on both Alexa and ST). Maybe I just need to completely delete and re-add device to clear the left-over UI buts, or maybe I need to change some of those new type IDs and/or register stuff via the new/alpha smartthings-cli, but I have no interest spending any more time on this (it works well enough for me).

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Nice code. This nailed what was wrong for me.

Yes I thought we forked the code on github we may have not uploaded the changes once we were finished. I apologize this was for a dark attraction we did last year around the same time they were updating the app, so the classic app works fine but I had issues with the new app as the calls are different.

Have to agree with doug above - this new DTH resolved the issues I was having with my Qubino RGBW controller. Many thanks!