Monoprice multi purpose sensor 15902 and zooz custom device handler

Hi folks, I’m using a monoprice multi purpose sensor. I did some reading and found out that the zooz custom device handler might work best with these. I had no trouble adding the custom device handler or pairing the device however I noticed I get no reported battery %. I’m wondering if it is just going to take some time or if I’ve done something wrong. Thoughts?

custom device handler i’m using:

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If you wake the device up using the paperclip the battery should report.

Keep in mind that these are not the same devices. The configuration options are different and the Zooz version has had multiple firmware and hardware enhancements to improve motion reporting speed and battery life.

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thanks, do you recommend a different device handler? I thought I had to use a custom one to get these to work?

this is why the Zooz device may be a better selection, since krlaframboise has supported it, with finely detailed options. Not sure is what his official or unofficial capacity for Zooz, but he has released several excellent custom device handlers for the Zooz product line.

He is exceedingly helpful but may choose not to comment on other manufacturer products.

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