Monoprice Door Sensors & Motion Sensors Available again

@florianz just wanted to drop some feedback that I’ve noticed since changing the device type that the things view reports motion via the icon unless I refresh it. There is no motion in the activity log and no actions are being triggered so I know there is no motion.

I can refresh the thing page and it will update the icon to show no motion. However next time I trip it the things view will show motion until I manually refresh it.

I think that the aeon device type is now converting it but it still reports Celsius.

@florianz also wanted to report that I also noticed that my smart security app no longer allows me to use the monoprice detector if I use your device type :frowning:

so I switched it back to the aeon multisensor out of necessity

Ah, thanks @greg. The device types were still using the old style metadata, where the device capabilities had to be authored in the device settings, rather than the metadata section in the code. I added the capabilities to the code, so the apps (including Smart Security) should pick them up correctly, now. I submitted the changes to github, so the link will update automatically.

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@florianz How does the link update automatically? I originally copy the text from GitHub into my IDE when I first set it up a week or two ago. Should I be doing it a different way? My monoprice motion is not available as a motion sensor to turn on some lights. I assume the metadata issue is the reason.

Yes, sorry, you have to go to the link and copy the code into a device handler:

I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I still want to submit that publication request, so that the Monoprice device will be supported out-of-the-box and you won’t have to deal with this anymore.

@florianz - Thanks. I’ll do it tomorrow when I’m awake and in front of a computer, since the IDE site doesn’t work very well with an iPad. :frowning:

@florianz - Yep, that did it. Gracias!!!

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12% off code to use where?

Thanks for this. Just ordered 3.

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I see that the device type says it should report battery, but all that is reporting for me is temperature and motion. There isn’t even a null icon for battery? is anyone getting battery reports?

That is from up above in the thread. None of mine report battery with the community supported mono price device type or the aeon one.

Ugh sorry I missed that. I came back to this device type to try to solve battery reporting. I was using the aeon multi sensor device type. one of my monoprice motions reports battery fine with that device type, the other gives null value. Not sure why that’s happening.

So I guess I should feel lucky i’m getting battery reporting on the one.

Are you getting battery in the logs or just the 100% in the tile? I see 100% on the ones that I have using the aeon device type (just the tile, no logs). If you are getting logs with battery percent levels that would be good. Maybe something changed on the hardware side or even the aeon device type.

Edit: If you change from the Monoprice back to the Aeon device type you still get dashes for battery. The only time I ever saw any battery percentage on mine was when I first paired them and they were discovered as Aeon Multisensors.

Ok - not seeing anything in the log other than the null return for the one monoprice motion regardless if I use the monoprice device type or the aeon device type.

thanks anyway.

Reporting the battery status on these types of “sleepy” Z-Wave devices is a little bit weird, in that reporting the battery level itself consumes a lot of battery (kicks up the Z-Wave radio, etc.). Thus, what a lot of these devices do is not accept requests for battery level reports until the device has already woken up for some other reason. Additionally, most device handlers don’t ask for the battery level very often - maybe ever 12 - 48 hours. The idea is that since this is a low-power device, the batter level won’t change dramatically within only a few minutes, or even hours.

Having said that, if someone wants to explore this space a little bit, what you can do is revert back to the Aeon device handler for a few days. The battery level report wouldn’t come in right away, but maybe after a few days. Additionally, what you can do is force the device to wake up every now and then by opening the casing. This will trigger the tamper alarm and wake up the device permanently (for pairing, unpairing, etc.). If after a few days you see the battery level show up with the Aeon device handler, I am happy to take a closer look at the Monoprice device handler to make sure it duplicates that functionality! Thanks.

I will be more than happy to do this. So if I wake the device just grab the log section that reports battery and paste it in here?

Yeah, if you can give us the logs, that would be great too.