Monoprice door/window zwaveEvent plus $18

Got an email and saw that the Monoprice door/window sensors (new zwaveEvent plus version) are on sale again today. $18!

Theres a comment in the reviews that the internal terminals on these new units don’t seem to work for external input.

The PIR motion with humidity and light sensor is $23… I think I’ll try it.

Is the motion sensor confirmed to work with ST?

Sounds like @RLDreams has the old version working well. Monoprice 15% off 12/11/16 only - Zwave plus motion $20

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What does the event mean?

I picked one up too. Can’t beat $23 for motion, temperature, humidity and light! Looks like the Zooz 4 in 1, so hopefully it will work with its device handler.

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I’ve just seen this promo for monoprice for 15% on 12/18.