Monitoring temp in my attic

Have an attic fan that SHOULD come on when the temp >110F. It doesn’t. Any ST device that measures temps (I don’t know how high the temp gets)?

Is it a problem to reach it and put a small sensor there?

I use an Aqara temp and humidity sensor. There is a driver for available. It is a Zigbee device.

Xiaomi Aqara temp & hum sensor

I have several devices that would can report temperature. I have the Xiaomi ones (both the square and the round one). When it works, it works well. But I had one of them die within 6 month and the second one started to have battery drain problem after a year. Other devices I have include window/door contact sensors by Iris and Visonic, as well as the water leak sensor by Iris.

I have given up on those so I have moved to the Visonic Window/Door sensors, they dont report humidity but report temp, and they are rock solid and support Zigbee HA 1.2 (which the Xiaomi dont and I think thats the problem)
My question though is how to get the Door sensor to report the temp instead of the Open Close status

Soooo many sensors also do temp. I have a Visonic Contact in my attic and use a GE Smart Switch to turn the fan on/off. However, I stopped using it because after a year of monitoring, the attic fan actually makes my AC run for longer periods. I think because the attic fan suck the conditioner air into the attic. The attic is cooler but wasn’t worth the extra coin to make it that way.

I have stopped using the Visonic window/door sensor as it has also a battery drain issue that I need to replace battery every 3 months. Thanks Lowes for the discontinuation of Iris and I got a bunch of sensors at 75% off price early this year.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I’m going to come across as picky. I have 12-15 Z-wave devices on my ST hub. Ideally, I can find one that plugs in (USA) and the device can report and withstand (I’m guessing) up to 130 deg F.

Hadn’t thought about rontalley’s experience. My attic looks sealed from living quarters so, I hope, I won’t have his problem.

I use a qubino relay to control my fireplace. The temperature sensor is then used to turn the fan on. The remote temperature sensor is good to 176F. You could sense the temp and control the fan with the one device.

Thanks for the reply. If I read the specs right, it’s good up to 104 deg F. I’m certain my attic is hotter than that.

Yes you are correct. The temperature sensor is mounted on remote probe about 3ft long or so. Could you put the relay in a box under the insulation (cool side) and then extend the probe up above the insulation?


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Hadn’t thought of that. Thanks

Sorry for the slow response. From suggestions here, I’m leaning towards the Qbino. Will I need a DH for temp or will it work right out of the box? If I can get a long enough probe, I can mount the unit in living space.

From what I’ve read, this installs to a regular light switch. Is that correct?

This is what I use. The relay turns on and off the fireplace via a switch or ST. I use the temperature sensor to then have ST turn on a fan to pull heat from the fire place into the air ducting in the house.

Works well

Very good. For now, all I want is temp. Maybe vibration/smoke later. How do I get power to it? Doesn’t appear to plug in to a wall outlet.

You will need to put in an electrical box and hard wire it. A plastic outlet/switch box with a cover is all you need. I assume you can get power from the whatever the supply to fan is. Then wire from the relay to the fan and it can control the fan.

Just found a complication. I need a 6’ probe. Qubino only has 3’. They suggest cutting their probe and soldering a section to it. I can’t even spell soldar. Maybe on to another brand.

I have been making my own Zigbee environment sensor.

Take a look at this. Let me know, whether it may help you.

I’m all Z-wave. IIRC, Z-wave and Zigbee don’t talk to each other

didnt get it properly

please explain that