Monitor AC Line Voltage using a Plug In Device, not Clamps?

Does anyone know of a device that can just plug into an AC outlet and using either a standalone app or a Piston in Smartthings to monitor line voltage at set intervals or upon change? All that’s needed is line voltage at some regular interval, say every 30 minutes or so, but it can have other capabilities. Thanks.

Do you mean energy used for other devices on the same branch circuit? Or energy monitoring for a device plugged into that socket?

I just want to monitor line voltage of the outlet. I want to log house voltage for a VERY long period of time to check power company variations.

Aeon use to make a decent device like what you’re talking about, and I have a few of them. I’m in process of switching over to these:

I personally haven’t tried one yet, but I will as soon as they get to my home in a week or so. The DTH is also in that link. More info can be found here:

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I was disappointing when Aeon stopped selling those so I was really happy to see that Zooz started making something similar and it turns out the Zooz Power Switch is even better.


Me too, but I’m glad to see your opinion of the Zooz because I just bought 5 of these.


Zooz Got it and thank you!


I can’t select voltage as a variable in a smart app for this device. Any suggestion. ZEN15
I want to alarm when I have low voltage. Thanks