Momentary switch with STv3 hub & fibaro double switch (FGS-223) in the new V3 app?

Hi all;
I have considering porting from Vera to SmartThings hub (v3).
most of my smart home is lighting based on fibaro double switch (FGS-223) with momentatry switches.
a friend who recently purchased STv3 to port from vera told me that there is no way to define fibaro as momentary switch. he said its only with olderst app versions that you can do this.
I wanted to know if this is correct. if yes, why? momentary swtiches are best suitable for smart homes.
can someone please shed some light on this?
thanks in advance!

I use a Fibaro FGS-223 as a momentary switch to open my garage door on a SmartThings V3 hub. Works fine.

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thanks @black-paladin ;
can you please tell me how you defined the FGS module as a momentary when you added it to the hub? did you have to do special configuration? (in vera I had to set some kind of property, can you do the same in smartthings?)
also, do you use classic app or the new one?

Use this Z-Wave Tweaker custom DH to see all the options and to configure the switch parameters. Guidance is to then change back to the standard DH when you are done as that runs locally and therefore faster.

To be clear, you can add to the hub using the standard DH, then change to this DH.

Hello @Guy_Katz,

Here are some articles which you may find interesting:

Thanks @FIBARO_official
Is there a reason this looks to be aimed to classic app?
Would it also fit the new connected app?