Momentary NO Switch


First time poster here looking for a suggestions.

I have started my way into SmartHome stuff and currently have Phillips Hue, iHome, Wink (no hub) and HomeKit working in my house. But one problem I can’t seem to “solve” is finding a momentary NO button/switch that I can automate.

I have 4 window AC units in my house and I would like to make them smart. Two of them will turn back on when power is restored and two of them require you to press the power button to turn them back on.

For the two that will turn back on a smart outlet will work but I don’t like the idea of just killing power to it once the cooling is no longer needed. I would prefer to have this smart device “push the power button for me” if you will base on a scene, robot, IFTTT, etc.

Does any one have any ideas on what I could use? I would prefer something I could hide inside my A/C units.

Thank you in advance!

perhaps this: