Mobile tech

I’m curios… We’ve massive amounts of money and even more time bringing technology into our homes with HA… What kind of mobile tech are we carrying around daily and how does that your us to our home system?

I carry an S7 Edge with ST installed, an iPhone 6s with ST installed, a great S3 watch, and a multi channel BT. All of them tied together with ST, IFTTT, Google, Alexa, calendars, and 3 phone numbers. I have total integration with my HA as well as my family and all of our lives…

Wow! Lots of leashes!

For me, it’s all about wearables. I use my Apple Watch to text, make and receive calls, pay, view alerts, control a lot of home automation, do some health monitoring, get reminders, view my calendar, etc. My phone is mostly just the device that makes my watch work. :wink:

My watch has its own phone number… I technically can leave my s7 at home… Lol

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I saw your topic and had to read to see where you were going because I was just getting ready to create a new topic.

Since you have several of same devices I do including the specific one I was going to create it about, gear S3, maybe you can tell me if this would be worth bothering with…

I’ve been tinkering with a Tizen based SmartThings tie in or widget or app (not sure which direction to take it yet). I personally would use it a lot but I’m wondering about others, what are your thoughts?

I love this watch… Very awesome. But I’m sorely disappointed in the Samsung great store…

I would definitely use it!

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I and each of the 3 other family members carry around either iPhone 6 or 6 Plus (we just have not got around to ding the 7 upgrade yet). The other 3 have Apple Watchs (gen 1, pre Apple announcement of Series 1).

Each person has an iPad, they vary from a 12" Pro with LTE to an iPad 4 and a Mini 2. We have one IPad 2 that is still powering on so it may be stuck in a wall as a SmartTiles / ActionTiles panel.

I have an LG G Pad F 8 that AT&T gave me (business account perk they claimed, I think they were trying to empty warehouse space and get a 2-year contract on a turd). This thing is slow with Andriod 6 and most likely won’t get Android 7.

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Being retired I no longer have the need, nor need the expense of a top phone, Have a Galaxy5 and the wife a Galaxy4.

Big user of a Nvida Shield tablet. Using a Win10 Dell laptop, have a few others scattered around including a Vista that report the weather station, a Davis Vantage Vue and some radio monitoring software.

Still have a server running the old Win Server 2003 or something :slight_smile: That is primarily used for backup and photo storage - 8 TB of storage and still runs flawless since day 1. Upgraded the drives a few years ago.