Mobile presence with multiple locations


(James) #1

I currently have two SmartThings v2 hubs (home, office) which I use from an iPhone 7 (iOS 10.3.1). Both have geofences configured for their location in SmartThings.

However, lately it seems that it only registers me arriving or leaving a location when that location is the one currently selected in the SmartThings app. I get notifications for events happening in each, but enter the office while my phone still has my home location selected it doesn’t register me as arriving until I launch the app and switch locations.

I swear both were working fine regardless before some recent update, or it would have annoyed me long before now. :wink: But I guess I’m curious if others are seeing this? or if this truly is “how it works” and I’ve been oblivious? Any input would be welcome, as this sort of takes the automation out of my automations…

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(Barry) #2

I really hope this isn’t YASTR (Yet Another SmartThings Regression) - I have multiple locations, with multiple family members using phones as presence sensors. If the GeoLocation only works for the selected Location in the app, there is going to be some serious WAF issues here.

FWIW, I can’t test if it works now, but I can attest that it didn’t work this way in the past - presence was detected at any location regardless of which location was selected in the app.

Have you reported this to support?

(James) #3

Thanks for the info… I haven’t reported it yet, as I was still in the “wondering if I was crazy” phase :wink:

Just restarted the phone completely and logged out and in to the app as a final test. Will leave the app using the office location tonight and see if it reports when I get home. If not, I’ll send them a line. My guess is I’ll be sending that email :wink:

(James) #4

Just to follow-up, this does seem to be a regression, at least for me. I wrote support. :confused:


Staff reports this is fixed in the new release.

(James) #6

Yes, thanks! I was emailing with them and gave the new release a try on the way home last night and to the office this morning. Things are looking good again. :grinning: