Lights on when closet door opens

I have a few closets where I would like to have the light turn on when the door opens and then turn off either when the door closes or there is no lotion for X amount of minutes. I’m wondering what the best way to go about this would be. I have it setup in one closet already where I have a motion detector and a smart switch and it works fine. I’m wondering if there is a cheaper/better/more efficient way to do this where I don’t need multiple smart products for each closet. All ideas are welcome.


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The Least expensive way to do this is with a device intended just for this purpose which does not work with smartthings. And isn’t particularly smart. It’s just “door opens, light comes on.“ We have several of these at our house and they all work just fine. here’s the brand we use, but there are lots of similar ones. These come in a two pack of two for $35, and are 200 lm. They also make a brighter one at 300 lm but it cost more, about $25 each. We haven’t found a need for those, though.

Ring (Who acquired Mr. beams about a year ago) has a line of similar lights which can be partially integrated with SmartThings through an Alexa routine That cost about $25 each, but you also have to get their smart bridge which is $50. We haven’t felt the need for that, but it is an option if, for example, you wanted to have Alexa control of the light. They also have a 400 lm option for $40 if you wanted something Even brighter.

Oh, and Lutron makes a whole line of “occupancy“ switches which are not networked, so they don’t work with smartthings. They just replace your existing Dumb switch and have a motion sensor built-in. We use one of these in our laundry area and it works great. :sunglasses: These come in both dimmer and on/off models. Shop around, because price varies a lot, but you should be able to get one for about $32 and a pack of three for about $85. Home Depot often carries them.

There’s even a 2 amp model which is intended for closets where you are only controlling a single bulb and is usually available for about $19. This didn’t work for us in our laundry area because there’s a ceiling fixture there which is higher amps. But it’s a good candidate for closets.

Other than that, though, if you want something to work with smartthings it’s basically what you’re already doing. One door or motion sensor on each closet and a smart bulb or light inside.

But the first question is really how much automation do you need beyond “open the door and the light comes on“?

I use a Samsung door/window contact and a ZigBee smart bulb. About 30 dollars in all. I use the Smart Lighting app to control the actions of open/close and x time if not shut.

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