Missing the icon on smartapp, DTH that alerts you an update is avail on github


Previously on the smartapps or DTH page, I would see a icon on these pages to alert me of an update to a github linked repo file. Recently, I have not seen that icon lately. Anyone know how to get this icon back? Currently, its hit or miss to use the update from repo button if you don’t know if the update exist or not. any help is appreciated.


Rule Machine is currently [WITHDRAWN]. I’m on mobile or I’d post the link to the thread, but this is why you don’t see the icon. The thread is currently titled “Rule Machine x” if you want to read all about it.

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Your GitHub integration is currently broken, you need to delete the Rule Machine repo from IDE (just the repo, not the SmartApp!!). It’s stuck looking for a repo that doesn’t exist anymore…

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