Please help I'm new

I’m trying to get Rule machine to be visible only api.smartthings page. How do I enable Github integration? It’s telling me to add smart things as a collaborator, but when I click the link to do that, I get a 404 error from the Github website saying the page does not exist.

How do I enable github integration to see the code that I have forked?


Do you have a github account and are you signed in? Did you fork the SmartThings repo or the RuleMachine repo?

Yes I have a github account and I forked the apps. I can see them in my repository. When I go to my Api.smartthings page, I try to enable github integration, by pushing the " github integration" button. It asks me to click a link to make smartthings enterprises a collaborator. I click it (which looks like it links it to my github page). And it says 404 not found.

This is frustrating. Any suggestions?

if any of you pros have a chance to do a youtube rule machine install video… that would be worth 1000 words!!


Make sure you fork this specific repo first

ok. I went to that website and pushed fork…what’s next?


Now you can continue on with the instructions and you should not get the 404.

ok so now I’m one step closer that worked. when I push update from repo, there is nothing there.

I look in github, and my forked items are not in the “smartthingspublic” repo. They are in different repositories. is that why I can’t see them?

How do I move them into the smartthingspublic repo?