Missing logs

Is it just me, or are other people finding that DHs are no longer logging anything to the log in the IDE? Even something as simple as:
def parse(String description) {
log.debug “parse()”
Isn’t logging and yet the parse function is running! Am I going mad?

Live logging in the Classic IDE is working fine for me. Make sure you are logged into the correct SmartThings ‘shard’ by logging out, and then logging into


Live Logs do but devices logs aren’t recording a lot of events for me. You can’t use the Live Log to go back in time.


Mostly live logging was working for me and I know you can’t go back (after all, it’s “live”!).

But for reasons I still can’t explain, for one DH it stopped logging debug and even error messages! I tried starting a new DH and copy and pasting stuff across and in the end I found that if I moved my parse() section to the top it started working?!?!

I have since added quite a bit more code and so far, no repeat. It’s almost as if there was some corrupt and invisible character in my code that caused it to fail silently and by copy and pasting sections across I ‘cleaned’ it. I had copied and pasted bits of code from the web, so I wonder if there was some invalid line-feed character or something?

But it really was very frustrating, as logging is kinda fundamental to any diagnosis.

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The #1 problem I have had copying and pasting code like you mentioned above…is the presence of invalid double quote characters.

These are good double quotes


While these are bad double quotes


I’m having the same problem, no DH data is appearing on the IDE Live Logging page with the exception of my custom wifi devices. I first noticed the issue yesterday.

Update: After leaving the live logging page up for several hours I’m seeing some device updates but it’s sporadic and incomplete. I’m seeing some z-wave and zigbee device updates. I’m not seeing any zigbee bulb updates. I’m not seeing any updates from an old SmartSense Multi device that I added yesterday, however, I am getting updates in the app, app history and the device page in the IDE.

My problem was with a specific DH that I was in the process of writing and all other DHs were logging as they always had. I suspect my new DH was corrupted somehow, but if that were the case it seems unlikely it would affect multiple devices (with different DHs) at the same time, so maybe your issue has a different cause?